Tuesday, February 2, 2010

City Mama's Meal Planning Monday

I really like her Monday posts - she's local but shops at a different farmer's market from me (I think) so we are often on a similiar wavelength with seasonal foods.

Here's my comment on this week's post:

New Years resolution was to try at least one new recipe a week, and have at least two vegetarian dinners a week. So far, so good (except for the chix stock in the pasta monday - gah)

Monday: (also our clean-the-fridge night, so most ingredients are leftover from last weeks farmer's market) mixed greens with beets, blue cheese, walnuts & walnut vinaigrette. Cooked down leeks in butter, then added diced cremini, white wine once they were soft. It was pretty great straight from the pan like that, but I added chicken stock and a little more butter to turn it into a pasta sauce for fusilli. More kid-friendly, but I'd eat it on toast w/o the additions next time..

Tuesday: Flank-steak-ish cut o'beef from farmer's market, salsa verde, caesar salad (leftover bread -> croutons, leftover baby bibb stands in for romaine), do something with jerusalem artichokes

Wednesday: Co-op meeting, so maybe veggie fried rice

Thursday: Pasta with broccoli rabe, take the breasts off a chicken, breaded and pan-fried.

Friday: Cook the thighs from the chicken, make more stock, then make chicken soup, add escarole, maybe pasta. Dig around the fridge if kids complain about soup....this is why Trader Joe's sells food in a bag

Saturday: Out-of-town friends with kids so probably restaurant

Sunday: Fish from the farmer's market, rice & furikake, grated daikon & lemon (yea! the 8-yr old is becoming a convert) Veg of choice lately has been pea shoots or spinach from market, sauteed with maybe a little garlic

And everyone beat me to the ricotta gnocchi suggestion - YUM!!!

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