Sunday, January 27, 2008

No more sucky saturdays...

They've just been... hard..recently, with the bad weather and changing schedules and vacations. We haven't settled into a routine and at least three of the four of us do better with a plan for the day.

So I think I will plan some Saturday excursions for myself and the kids, with the Mr. having the option to join us or luxuriate in a kid-free bed for several more hours. The baby is up by 7 am, and his sister not long after, so once clothes are on, we hit the road. It's too easy to get bogged down by breakfast, with mixing bowls and dishes to clean, recycling to take out - to get out the door, I need to pretend like none of my home responsibilities exist. A day without multi-tasking: no stopping to throw in a load of laundry, no tiding the backpack cubbies while my daughter gets dressed.

And once we're out? Well, here's a list of some place that aren't on our everyday rotation, but still very do-able:

Children's Fairyland in Oakland
Tilden Park (?) where there's that miniature train
Monterey Bay Aquarium, or if we poop out early, a beach along the way

Ummmm? well, now that I'm thinking about I should come up with more ideas. Even made a tag for saturday trips. I'm ordering guide books for our Hawaii trip, maybe I should add some for around here.

And if we come home happy and tired, it will have been a good day and not another sucky saturday.