Saturday, May 23, 2009

Park Report #1: Burgess Park

Next fall we'll have a new schedule, me and the kids, and I need to add some parks to our repertoire. I'd been to Burgess Park in Menlo Park with the big kid years ago, but it's not close to home so it fell out of rotation some time back. Clearly I'd missed some of it's charms:

- enclosed toddler play area (did I mention how the boy was able to slip past me and run ACROSS A STREET at a non-enclosed park last week?) 
- bathrooms
- ducks !
- toddler pool !! $5 a day and open not just 10-12 in the morning but also 2-4 in the afternoon, right when you really need something to do post-nap.
- old ladies playing tennis (fun to watch but mean if your kid picks up a stray ball - WTF? )
- water fountain
- and, I've heard, snacks and drinks for sale in either the swim center or the rec hall. 

We're making a date with our pre-school friends for next week and seeing if this one goes to the top of the park list.